Wednesday, 20 February 2008


I have just heard that a friend of my sons, not close but someone he went to school with and met occasionally to do parkour has been killed on the same road as Catana. The road that passes yards from our door. I do not know many details, it was the early hours of Sunday morning, maybe he was drunk, maybe the driver was drunk. He was 17, 18, a lovely boy belonging to a lovely family. I have known them slightly for years, visited for coffee a couple of times when my youngest was small, they have a girl a year older, and another boy of about 16. I have memories of them carrying on with life, living, playing, working attending school concerts, Christmas fairs. I cannot get away from the feeling that all that time although we could not see it there was a cloud over their heads saying life as you know it is going to end abruptly one cold night in February 2008. We do not know if there is one over ours.


Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry about all these things! *tears* Its just too much.

Nika (from flickr)

Maire said...

Thanks Nika, it has seemed a bit grim here lately, I am trying to come up with a more upbeat subject to balance things. Thankfully i can do that, unlike the poor parents of this young man.

Anonymous said...
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