Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Thank you Robert Krampf

We subscribe to a lovely science site. Robert Krampf who owns the site has a wonderful gentle sense of humour which has us giggling as we watch.
You can get free videos
but after belonging to the free site for a year we decided that it was worth the very small subscription fee to get all of them.
We have done some very enjoyable experiments based on chocolate but the one that recently caught Beth’s fancy was for making ice cream without a freezer.
There seems to be a (junk) food theme going on here.

Making ice cream 1

Making ice cream 2

Making ice cream 3

Making ice cream 4

Making ice cream 6

Making ice cream 7

Making ice cream 8

We had a lot of messy fun doing this. Being an expensive ice cream fan myself the result didn’t really appeal but Beth loved it and we learnt about keeping the crystals small by agitating the mixture, about raising the freezing temperature of ice by adding salt and about the heat transfer process that this initiates that takes the heat out of the mixture and makes it into ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I am delighted that you are enjoying the experiments. I have so much fun making the videos and writing the experiments, but it is even better seeing the photos of you having fun with them.

Thank you for becoming a member.

Maire said...

Thank you again for what you do, you can tell you enjoy it. That is partly why we enjoy it.

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