Thursday, 9 July 2009

Letter from Kenneth Fox, Clerk to the the Select Committee, DCSF

Children, Schools and Families Committee

House of Commons 7 Millbank London SW1 P 3JA

Tel 020 7219 6181 Fax 020 7219 0848 Email Website

Prof. Bruce Stafford

7 July 2009

Dear Professor Stafford (hand written)

Thank you very much for your letter of 2 July, copying to the Committee your letter of 1 July to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, on the review of Elective Home Education. The Committee has received quite a lot of correspondence from others on the same issue, and it is very much aware of the criticisms which you and others make about the conduct of the Review. The Committee will shortly be taking decisions on subjects for future inquiry and I shall ensure that your letter is borne in mind when that discussion is held.

Yours Sincerely

Kenneth Fox (Hand written)

Kenneth Fox

Clerk of the Committee


Carlotta said...

Great news. Thanks Maire.

Maire said...

Isn't it just, I was dancing around the living room when I opened it, we have has so many disheartening brush offs.

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