Monday, 24 August 2009

What have I done

Done a bit of research and this is what I think I have done to myself.

I am publishing this before it is complete as it seems the best way to save the information, will be adding as I get the energy to do the research. Hope to confirm my findings in two weeks when I visit fracture clinic.

Right leg: comminuted articular closed marginally displaced Tibial Plafond Fracture.

On changing the plaster slab on my rt ankle the nurse? found that I had multiple fracture blisters at the site of the steristrip ends. I was pleased to read that when fracture blisters develop following surgery, wound complications are infrequent;

Could well be looking something like this right now.

Left leg: Non-Displaced Tibial Plateau Fracture

Non-displaced fractures are cracks in the bone seen on x-ray, but with the bones remaining in their proper position and alignment. Most non-displaced fractures of the tibial plateau can be treated without surgery, but they usually require an extended period (about 3 months) of protection from walking. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Love this from comments in this blog You know the difference between an orthopedic surgeon and God?

God doesn’t THINK he’s an orthopedic surgeon……..

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Maire said...

Sorry anonymous, deleted you too as I wanted the taste out of my mouth. Thanks enormously for your support. Speaks volumes to post a comment like that on this particular post.

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