Thursday, 3 December 2009

Do you want to be your childs primary parent or would you rather hand them over to the state?

If you think you can do a better job please sign

I know we are all getting petition fatigue and I know that they just repeat their nonsense having not read or considered a single thing we have said, but it doesn't take long to sign and just send them the message that we are not going away and we are not giving in.

If you do not home educate you may think this has nothing to do with you but these power will surely creep into other relationships the state has with all parents.  You cannot predict the future, do not put your trust in politicians who do what they feel they must to retain power.  Send a message that you intend to keep the  responsibility for your child in your hands and sign the petition.

And if you are not British you can register your protest against the government's totalitarian and illiberal grab for our children here.

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