Friday, 12 February 2010

Arrogance and Ignorance with a touch of Sheer Wickedness thrown in!

Isn't it nice to be beyond reproach, to be in such a position that you can spout any old rubbish with complete arrogance and certainty that no harm will come to you because you are so far above the proletariat that you are musing on that they have no comeback.  And you can ignore all their powerful arguments against your  case that show them to be far better educated, informed and capable of clear and logical thinking than you are, and just move on.  This woman lost family members to the Nazis, oh the irony!

That is what the LAs want, they want to be above reasonable and rational criticism they want to be able to say you are wrong because we say so.  No comeback, no tedious laws to understand, no cheeky parents who can argue with them through the courts.  No soft liberal judge who just doesn’t take them at their word.  They want to sweep all these safeguards for parents, children and families away and just have it their way.

And it doesn’t matter that they in many cases know nothing about it having been immersed in school culture and being totally unaware how their ability to think about education in any other way has been truncated.  And their class prejudices, and racial and religious stereotypes, well they are entitled to them aren’t they because they are the important people who have been employed to monitor us.

And what will our children learn from this: they will learn that might while not necessarily right,  will win in the end.  They will learn that those who see themselves as fit to rule us are quite happy to do so via lies and corruption.  They will see that the officials of the state who routinely lie are rewarded by laws that make their lies reality. 
Our ‘superiors’ probably care nothing for this because our kids are part of a small and insignificant minority.

And if they use this young girls death to have a go at us again you will know to just what depths they are prepared to sink! 

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Anonymous said...

I was a bit taken aback when I saw the Barenesses background too. I wonder what she must be thinking about Europe's rules on HE. Frankly I think she knows nothing whatsoever about it but heard Badman say it and repeated the lie.

Like others I have heard rumours that the attack on EHE and Faith Schools was really a sideways attack on Muslim communities because of the fear of terrorism. It's a very bizarre way of going about things. So bizarre in fact- baring in mind the appalling treatment dished out to Bishop O'Donaghue not that long ago- that I think it's a red herring.
They fear anyone who might believe anything because then they are less likely to believe the State is god. EHE families all have strong beliefs-not necessarily religious- but philosophical or we wouldn't be doing this; and that, I reckon, is what scares the pants off Balls and his pals.
I remember Tech mentioning Jack Straw had threatened to stamp out EHE. Says it all.

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