Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Department For Education

Well I am tentatively pleased with the outcome of the General Election, Bruce is worried that the poor the sick and the vulnerable will suffer but I am biding my time and holding my judgement.

The first bit of really good news is the demise of the DCSF and I am churlish enough to wish for a few members of staff to find themselves jobless.


Baz said...

I saw this mentioned on the BBC news, and while they were looking at it as a cosmetic Tory re-brand, to me it was the new government reducing the department's remit from poking it's nose in to all aspects of family life to focusing on education. Interesting.

Maire said...

I do hope so, I have just read on facebook that the members of the department so far announced are people who have either actively supported us or have handed in petitions.

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