Saturday, 2 October 2010

Can Comet Help

Welcome to Comet's free chat service to assist you through the checkout pages.
Your estimated wait time is 0 mins and 8 seconds.
My name is Denver, can I take your name to make this session more interactive?
You: hi wanting to by as samsung tv package
You: Package for SAMSUNG LE40C750 (x1) £899.98 Package consists of: SAMSUNG LE40C750 SAMSUNG BD-C5900/XEU Total (excluding delivery)
You: can i buy this anywhere at the moment
Denver: Please wait a moment.
You: ok
Denver: Are you looking for home delivery or store collection?
You: I am looking at both
Denver: Can I have your postcode please?
You: le11 3sy but we can travel
Denver: Please wait a moment.
You: ok
Denver: I see that this item is available for collection in Tamworth store.
Denver: The store address would be :
Denver: Unit 3 Ventura Retail Park
Denver: Bitterscote
Denver: Tamworth
Denver: B78 3HD
Denver: Are you comfortable in collecting from it?
You: I think so
You: but my husband has just said it might be available in arnold
Denver: Please reserve the item online using the postcode B78 3HD
Denver: On reserving it online, the item would be ready for store collection within 30 mins and you need to collect it within the store closing hours in the following day.
You: we have reserved on line at leicester st george and it let us reserve and sent me a confirmation but it turns out the store does not exits so i am not sure that the websites are correct
Denver: If you were able to reserve an item online and able to get the reservation reference number, that itself is a guarantee that it will be reserved for you until the store closing hours in the following day.
You: the store is not open or active, I reserved and got confirmation unless I am confused, is the leicester St George branch open?
Denver: I see that this branch is CLOSED FOR RE-FIT WILL RE-OPEN IN OCT 2010. It would be probably best that you call our customer care at 0844 800 95 95 and they would be able to confirm you in this.
You: I do not want to call anyone.
You: I thought comet said you could help
Denver: I am transferring you through another department, please bear with them while they review the conversation so far to assist you further.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to Kayleigh.
My name is Kayleigh, can I take your name to make this session more interactive?
Kayleigh: Welcome to Comet’s Dedicated Chat Enquiry Service. My name is Kayleigh. May I take your name please?
You: ok
You: why
Kayleigh: How can I help?
You: can you read the previous conversation please because i have explained
Kayleigh: I have read through the above conversation, yes. Do you want me to check if the Leicester store is open?
You: I think if you read again that denver says it is
You: closed
Kayleigh: I can see that, but our reservation system has not been letting reservations go through for that store while it has been closed and if you say that you have done so, it may either be an error with the web in the order processing or it will be an error on the store list and may now have re-opened
You: CLICK AND COLLECT CONFIRMATION YOUR RESERVATION NUMBER: 322579178 Dear Mr Bruce Stafford Thank you for choosing to click and collect with Comet. We are happy to confirm that your reservation is being held for you at our LEICESTER ST GEORGES (NEW) store. Your Order 674931 Package for SAMSUNG LE40C750 (1) £899.98 631337 SAMSUNG LE40C750 (1) £899.98 669059 SAMSUNG BD-C5900/XEU (1) £0.00 611611 GOODMANS LD2410D (1) £189.99 Total £1089.97 Please bring this reservation number with you when you collect and pay for your product. Your reservation will be ready for collection after 30 minutes of receiving this e-mail and will be reserved in-store up until closing time Sunday 03 October 2010. On arriving at the store please go to the Click and Collect Collection Point located in the cash desk area where we will be pleased to process your order. For your information the address and opening hours of your chosen store is - LEICESTER ST GEORGES (NEW) UNIT 3 ST GEORGES RETAIL PARK ST GEORGES WAY LEICESTER View a map and find directions to this store Opening times on Saturday 02 October 2010 are 09:00 - 18:00. Opening times on Sunday 03 October 2010 are 10:30 - 16:30. Should you require any further information, please contact us using one of the methods outlined below. Further Contact Details General help & information : Frequently asked questions (FAQs) : Telephone: 0844 800 9595 Thank you for shopping at Comet. Comet Direct Comet Direct is a trading name of Comet Group plc, George House, George Street, Hull, HU1 3AU REGISTERED NUMBER 278576 ENGLAND No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG - Version: 9.0.856 / Virus Database: 271.1.1/3170 - Release Date: 10/01/10 19
You: what is it?
You: Are you still there
You: hello
You: Can you see this


Anonymous said...

LOL! this happens all the time try phoning pc world when computer breaks!

Maire said...

Lol, I will and I will record it!

Anonymous said...

When they can't even get sales enquiries right you know what they'll be like if you have a problem with something after they've got your money. Run, run fast and don't look back!

Maire said...

Excellent point.

Hmmm, to late, not very bright of us.

But Sony have just proved themselves to be beyond salvation and asked over £700 to repair a 13 month old £400 laptop.

That is what is on my mind.

How do we choose wisely if nobody is accountable or even sane!

Anonymous said...

Considering they are probably talking to 5-6 other people at the same time (I've used their service before and they said as much). You'd maybe have more luck if you were more patient in waiting for a response.

Not to mention they probably aren't too bothered about assisting people who speak to them like they're something they just scraped off their boot.

But hey, you seem pretty pleased with yourself. Well done.

Maire said...

Eh Anonymous, puzzled by you, this is dystopian situation that meets ordinary people at every turn and I had waited two or three hours before I posted this.

So your point is?

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