Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Are we heading this way?

I am so tired at the moment and sleeping so much in the afternoon that despite promises to the contrary I don't have the oomph to blog much.

Added to that the depression at so many Local Authorities acting outside their legal duties and so many tales of what amounts to abuse and neglect on the part of the NHS on the lists I belong to, something that resonates all too clearly in my own life, I do not feel I have anything useful to offer.

However this so shocked me that I had to share it.

'Fourth, such policies criminalize childish, otherwise innocent behavior and in many cases create a permanent record that will haunt that child into adulthood. Moreover, by involving the police in incidents that should never leave the environs of the school, it turns the schools into little more than a police state. For example, 9-year-old Michael Parson was suspended from school for a day and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after mentioning to a classmate his intent to “shoot” a fellow classmate with a wad of paper. Despite the fact that the “weapon” considered suspect consisted of a wadded-up piece of moistened paper and a rubber band with which to launch it, district officials notified local police, suspended Michael under the school’s zero tolerance policy, and required him to undergo a psychological evaluation before returning to class. Incredibly, local police also went to Michael’s home after midnight in order to question the fourth grader about the so-called “shooting” incident.'

Link here.

Is so then surely we will have uprising here as well!

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