Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lincolnshire County Council Misbehaving.

Yet another Local Authority deciding it is above the law and that we are pawns in its game.   

Thank goodness there are intelligent and articulate home educators willing to challenge their power grab.

This is an excerpt from a post from Home Ed Grows up.

 "Dear Mrs Barnes,
I have been given your details by David Coates as being the appropriate person to contact with concerns and a complaint over Lincs County Council’s revised home education policy and procedure.
I was dismayed and angered to receive the standard letter Ref IAT/DC/PP earlier this week, which provides incorrect and deeply misleading information to home educating parents, particularly with regard to ongoing monitoring of home education provision by Lincs County Council and its agents.
As you are no doubt aware, local authorities have no legal duty or remit whatsoever to monitor home education provision on an ongoing basis. In law, the LA is permitted to make informal enquiries when a home educated child first comes to their attention; provided the LA is able to establish at that point that a suitable education is being provided, parents are not legally required to provide any further information, at any time, and the LA should assume, unless it has evidence to the contrary, that the education provision will remain suitable."

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