Friday, 13 July 2012

It got busy

Sorry no more postings on the Select Committee, my submission went of un proofread and at the last minute, still it went.

Very much looking forward to Hesfes in just over a week, not so much the packing.

Interesting post about autonomy in higher education caught my eye.

"The open day began with a short but detailed introductory talk from Professor Neary on the reasons for setting up the SSC and how it intends to be organised. He outlined how the Centre’s existence is a response to the increasing commercialisation of Higher Education, with increasing privatisation and rising tuition fees cutting off access to millions of potential students. He was quick to point out that the Centre is in no way opposed to ‘official’ universities, but that it intends to offer a more democratic education. He also stressed the point of equal involvement from both staff and students in a non-hierarchical setting, stating that rather than differentiate between the two groups, everyone involved on courses would be referred to as ‘scholars’, as the academics themselves have as much to learn from their students as the students do from them."   Read more here.

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