Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Leicester and Leicestershire Local Authority Elective Home Education Departments

Would do well to study Lancashire Local Authority's web site.  As would the majority of Local Authorities who mostly bend he law to suit their purposes.

Educating Your Child At Home

Main Details
Most people choose to send their children to school to be educated, but you are legally entitled to educate your child at home.
You don't have to be a teacher, operate to a timetable or follow the national curriculum (although you're perfectly at liberty to do so if you wish).
If your child has never been to school or you are new to the area you don't have to tell us. 
If your child is registered at school you will need to send a letter to the head teacher informing them that you wish to educate your child at home.  We will then contact you to and ask for some basic information.
Please note:
  • Where a child is registered at a school as a result of a school attendance order parents must ask the local authority to revoke the order.
  • Where a child is placed at a special school under arrangements made by the local authority, parents need to contact us to ask for the child to be removed from the school register.
If you would like to talk to one of our Elective Home Education (EHE) support workers about your decision to home educate or you would like any further support and advice about any information on this site please contact us.
This was not achieved without a tremendous amount of work from Local home educators over a considerable amount of time and a willing and enlightened (by them) EHE officer, however it is a tremendous achievement and all LAs should take note.

If you are trying to work with your LA to establish a more truthful and respectful relationship this is an excellent example of how it could and should be done!

The history of the negotiations and actions involved in reaching this point can be found here.


Nina said...

I had no ideas that home-schooling was legal. You see/hear it a lot on US tv, but here I thought it was almost illegal. Very interesting and good work. Nina, Caring Homes.

Danae said...

Good to hear that the doughty home educators have had so much success with the Lancashire LA. Well done them. And it gives the rest of us a bit of hope too.

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