Sunday, 14 October 2007

Beginning on a Sunday

Hello, I am completely new to blogging but have had a flickr account for about 3 years. When posting recently I have felt the need to tell more of a story and with help from my husband Bruce have set this blog up. I also home educate my youngest, Beth and hope this will be a record of the work/play that we do and reasure us when we wonder where the time has gone. My eldest Jo and new husband Nick are also having an extended honeymoon, travelling through New Zealand, Australia and Singapore amongst other places and this is a great way of keeping them up to date with news from home. I have four children Jo (30), Will (17), Jamie (15) and Beth(9), they have five cats and Beth has fish and a snake called Jake.

I am starting with a lovely sunny sunday when Bruce, Beth and I went for a walk into Loughborough, an attempt to get fitter (for the adults) and appreciate the autumn colours. I am a real Summer person and suffer from SAD in winter but rather than sinking into the gloom and despair of the dark days I have been trying to appreciate the better points of my least favourite seasons. Its not too hard on a sunny day like this.

the Carillion Tower

The new updated Leisure Centre!

Of course refreshments had to be had.

And we met Jamie on his way home from Parkour training

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