Monday, 24 December 2007


Beth is dyslexic amongst other dys's and became so stressed in school from the demand to perform and be independent before she was ready that for the sake of her mental health we deregistered her and she is now home educated. We have taken it very easily and done no school work at all, just lots of outings, educational tv, cooking, sewing and being read to.

On Saturday she asked to read to me for the first time in months, and read all the way through 'The Tinder box' with very little help. She worked really hard and by the end I was totally exhausted from holding my tongue and letting her work the words out.

just as we started home education in October 2006 another home educator, soon to become a good friend advertised free books from a school that had recently closed down. This book from the Ginn reading scheme was one of the books I picked up then. It is well pitched for Beth as it is a classic fairy tale so the plot is good in spite of the limited and repetitive language. In fact the repetitive language is an integral part of this style of literature.

We were all delighted and luckily I had a potential birthday present hoarded away so could immediately underline how pleased we were. Beth absolutely adores the slings for her babies, but I think she was just as delighted at the progress she had made with no painful enforced practice. She has of course been practicing all the time, but with material she chose, at a time that suited her and for as long or short as she wanted, usually just signs, birthday cards and notices, baby steps of reading.
And shortly after that Bruce remembered last christmas eve at midnight when Beth had read Jack and the Beanstalk from beginning to end, we couldn't say no inspite of the time.

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