Monday, 31 December 2007

A New years eve stroll around the garden

I was the first one up this morning and remembering my birthday Witch Hazel I was drawn out into the garden to see how it was doing.

Witch Hazel

It seemed unchanged but on close examination I saw a tiny sign of life, one bud just revealing its yellow centre, a promise of things to come.

Blue kept me company, she is a shy and cautious cat in the house but friendly and curious in the garden.

The clematis armamdii is at a very exciting stage will be lovely in a week or two and

the colour created by the weeping salix was lovely.

Solitary Goldfish

The solitary goldfish was enjoying the air although the pond is so congested I just hope he wasn’t gasping for it. He used to have three or four companions but one morning I woke up to see a magnificent heron by the pond and since then I have only seen this one. Hope he isn’t too lonely.


Here is Blue in the apple tree at the back of the garden, the pruning of which is yet another garden job to be done.


The viburnam is one of my favourite winter plants in the garden, its pale almond pink really brightens up the grey days.


As does the beech hedge, although not neat and tidy this year as we missed the moment it is still beautiful.

Clematis in waiting

Another of my favourites is this clematis which looks totally dead but will magically come back to life and produce drooping deep burgundy flowers to glisten from its shady corner.

On the whole the garden seems a bit behind this year, I was expecting bulbs pushing through and the Hellebores at least in bud if not in flower. Am I deluded and thinking of the end of January instead of December or has it perhaps been too warm, does the garden need a good freeze to begin to grow again?

Potted cat
As I go back in Blue settles down in a pot of grasses, which seems to have become garden furniture for cats, to keep an eye on her domain.

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