Saturday, 26 September 2009

2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education

Nicked from Lisa at Renegade Parent in her post The-2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education.

who tells us they  "Can be found by clicking on this link to the2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education.
Just in case any poor soul arrives elsewhere and can't find them.
As they seem to have gone missing, why don't you link to them, too? In order that no-one slips through the net (and we know how important that is to Balls and co.) please link back to here - and to everyblogger else who does this."

And there now many very interesting takes on this situation,

Jax at Making it Up in her post Are We Just A Crackpot Minority complains that home educators are getting review fatigue as it is only a few years ago that we all had to make time in our busy lives to contribute to  the consultation that led to the missing guidelines,

And here we are again giving up nearly a year of our lives to defending ourselves against the Badman Review.

Debs at Muddy Bare Feet finds it very hard not to see this latest turn of events as suspect in her post 2007 Elective Home Education Guidelines removed from DCSF website and she links to AHEDs letter to the DCSF asking Where are They?

Gill at Sometimes it's Peaceful in her post Links to 2007 EHE guidance for local authorities? asks 'Does anybody know why?'

Tech at Freedom of Education Under Threat in her post DCSF Disappears EHE Guidelines down the memory hole  finds the the disappearance of the guidelines just before the select committee may need access to them very Orwellian.  Be sure to read Elaine's comment regarding a fantasy world of Badmen and virtual schoolrooms.

T at Globeonmytable  in his post  EHE Guidelines 2007 list all the people who may need access to the guidelines.

The Jumps post on The Mystery of the Missing Guidelines  points out that since the guidelines are still current they should be available.

Raquel at The Polytunnel  provides a link to them in her post 2007 Elective Home Education Guidelines

Blogdial explains the memory hole in his post 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education.

Lynn at A Life Worth Living in her post 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education thanks fellow home edders for saving a copy.

At Home Educating the Puddle Chicks Merry makes the point that these guidelines were paid for by taxpayers money in her post Where have all the guidelines gone?.

At Sunnydaytodaymama Sunnymama in her post The 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education  tells us where we can find the guidelines and who else is blogging about them.

While Ruth at Just Life by the Sea in her post The Mystery of the Missing 2007 HE Guidelines  thinks the the DCSF were never really happy with them because they mostly adhered to current law.

Annkrozeika at What Shall We Do Today has come back to blogging after a short break in order to make sure the guidelines are available in her post The 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education.

While Carlotta at Dare to Know finds that her link to the guidelines very strangely suddenly leads to the Badman Report in her post More on the Missing Guidelines.

Firebird at Educating out of the Box in her post Farewell 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education thinks that this proves that the current consultation is a sham and I wouldn't disagree. 

Home Education Forums report Data Loss at the DCSF.

At Not Cricket Vinny finds losing the 2007 Guidelines for Local Authorities on Elective Home Education clumsy and absent minded.

And Elaine provides a roundup at Elective Home Education Guidelines 2007 England.

Your really couldn't make it up.

 have I missed anybody?

If so please give me the heads up by email or in the comments section.


Jax said...

looks pretty thorough to me!

Maire said...

The response has been amazing hasn't it.

Annkrozeika said...

Thanks for linking to me Maire, this issue was important enough to bring me out of blog-fatigue. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get back to it!

Maire said...

you are welcome Annkroxeika, let's hope you stay our now!

kelly said...

I've stuck a link to the HE Guidelines at the top of my blog, but being a new HE (how long can I say that for? We are nearly at the end of our first year....)I have not written a blog post about it.

May be I should.

Maire said...

The more the merrier Kellyi. We are three years in but we all have the same investment in being able to home ed the way we think best.

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