Monday, 14 September 2009

Right of Access to the Child

Who might wish to promote disproportionate draconian legislation likely to harm more children than it could ever help, yet giving strangers access to the child regardless of their and their parents’ wishes? 

Who might support such an agenda? 

It could be politicians and their lackeys who are not brave or bright enough to look at current arrangements  and see clearly where they have failed and address the problem;  so create a diversion saying look we are doing something, don’t shout at us.
This given the devastating effect it will have on the more traumatised school escapees, the very shy and those on the autistic spectrum is pretty despicable, but some might say that one is naïve if one does not expect politicians to act that way.

I say it may be mundane but that doesn’t stop it being evil.

But it will teach our children that we are powerless to prevent a stranger invading their home and interrogating them alone.  The child who is safest from abuse has a strong sense of their own self and of their right to protect themselves and say NO.

Who might like to undermine this in the way the Badman Review recommends.  Who might like right of access to our children, easy to get, access on demand, no need to prove any reason for concern.

It’s not too hard to work it out is it?

If only it could stay just a dream.  

It was clear to Barbara as the original consultation later to be changed to review as they had broken all the rules, was launched.  

I don’t agree with most of their views but they have this right. This link is in no way to be taken as an endorsement of the views of the BNP, nothing could be farther from the truth, it is here because the article contains some good arguments.

I bet the Badman report on Baby P contains nothing of this

And while not directly about the home ed review Blogdial makes some excellent points about how the government seems to be enabling paedophiles with its crazy unthought through legislation.

I am posting this late at night and am sure I have missed some great blog posts and articles.  Please can you add any you know of into comments so that I can add them.


Dani said...

Hi Maire,

Of course, you can put what you like on your own blog, but I must say I was shocked to see a link to the BNP.

These people are the ultimate control freaks - they are in no way our friends, and I think it's a big mistake to have anything to do with them.

I don't agree that we must take our support where we can find it. I think we have to be very careful what we say and do, and make sure we are true to ourselves, not seduced by the superficial support of people who have their own, dangerous, agenda.

Maire said...

Dani I though about this, and I totally agree with you about them. The link in no way suggests support but I am finding sense written in surprising places. I am having to go where there is much I disagree with to find people who understand why we object to Badman.

In no way would I ever be persuaded to endorse most of the BNPs views and I say so in the post, but I will get my ideas and information to fight these restrictions from where I can.

Yes I agree, this support might dissapear in an instant the minute they gained any power and they are supporting us thinking we are some repositry for people who will think like them because we have escaped government propaganda. But like the rest of the world our political views are varied although I would hazard a guess that there are far fewer Labour supporters amongst us than there were a year ago.

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