Monday, 9 November 2009

Home Education All Party Group now up and running.

Thanks Ann for this information.

As of last week, as far as I am aware, those that had agreed to be on the group were:



 *Liberal Democrat*

Let's hope they can make a difference, surely there are many MPs who would be opposed to us all becoming chattels of the state.


Mieke said...

That's extremely useful, Maire. Thanks for putting this up! I think we need to ask Graham Stuart if the first question to every member can be: Are you in favour or against Badman's recommendations?
That would save us a lot of time and energy and it would make it clear why each has signed up to this APPG.

Maire said...

I think that is a very good idea, Tech seems to have contact with him, perhaps she can ask.

Anonymous said...

surely there are many MPs who would be opposed to us all becoming chattels of the state.

Are you kidding? these people ARE THE STATE. The Liberal Democrats are on the record as being for the bogus "balance between rights of the child and rights of the parent". Stop putting your faith in these people; that is how they keep pulling the wool over your eyes and abusing you!

Mieke said...

Anonymous, the words 'have faith in' are yours.

I for one will not be caught doing what the government does, which is indiscriminately tarring everyone with the same brush.
Yes, we need to be vigilant and even sceptical of this APPG.
Yes, we need to make sure that our voices are heard and counted in that group.
Yes, we shouldn't just leave it in their hands, but continue fighting for our freedom and rights.

But even THE STATE is made up of people and I do believe there are still MP's who believe in democracy. And I do not feel the need to indiscriminately alienate myself from everyone.
Nor will I give anyone the chance to abuse me.
I still have my eyes wide open and my view unobstructed.

Maire said...

thank Mieke, have been out gallivanting, I will also be vigilant but cannot believe that no MP would oppose the direction government is taking, their children and grandchildren will have to live in the future society.

Jemmo said...

I am under no illusions about the state. However, I am happy to use their power in the House for my benefit when it seems to resonate with me. I'm sure even Graham Stuart, who is being extremely supportive of home educators, has many agendas that I would find objectionable. I'm happy to run with his all party group on this and oppose him wholeheartedly on the other. That's politics.

And as has been said, there are good people to be seen everywhere if you keep your eyes and mind open. Anonymous, you sound like you are shut off. If you keep your eyes closed you will always be stumbling into things until you are afraid to move. Trust a little and you will find things worth trusting.

Jemmo said...

Maire: Jeff Ennis is the 10th Labour MP. You have him here as Lib Dem.

Maire said...

Thanks Jem, sorted, bloggers editing window is frustratingly small and unhelpful.

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