Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The State I'm In

I am a very visual person, which explains somewhat why I cannot always find the most diplomatic words with which to express myself.

As the attack on home educators grinds remorselessly on

in spite of no evidence to support it,

inspite of many articulate and intelligent arguments against it.

In spite of the consultation analysis being unpublished and a promise made to take this into account

In spite of the DCSF select committee report being as yet unpublished

I have developed a mental image of my self that guards the door to my house

it used to look like this

but since the publication of this it has undergone metamorphosis and I now looks like this.


Anonymous said...

I love your images.

Actually, I have been trying to imagine (and co-create) a protective home education angel, but she keeps turning into a huge fiery dragon!


Maire said...

Thanks Danae, it came to me in a half dream, lol. I am not surprised your angel keeps revolting, an avenging angel maybe?

Maire said...

A protective angel is probably a better idea, maybe in time!

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