Thursday, 8 September 2011

Possible good news for those who want access to exams.

Graham Stuart has chosen to communicate the result of the latest APPG on Home Education via ex EO trustee Fiona Nicholson at he site Ed Yourself.

Meanwhile there is no news of anything being done about the appalling tactics of LA's who misrepresent the law, such as Lancashire LA who seem to have been up to some very dodgy dealings.

Here is a quote from Lancashire Home Education, a site created by Local home edders.

"Our Formal Complaint
The EHE team were first notified of the audit in March 2010, it began in May and the Final Report was published in December. During this time we submitted our formal complaint about the EHE department, primarily concerning its procedures. The IAS were not made aware of our complaint and there is no mention of the audit in either the LA's complaint paperwork or the Panel's report. The LA has wasted a lot of time and money by not informing ourselves and the complaints panel that they had already agreed with the IAS to review their procedures to reflect the DfE EHE Guidelines.
We were never given a reason why our complaint was not entered into the official system until our third attempt on 15th December, after the audit was out of the way."

You can read the rest by clicking on the name.

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