Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New to Home Education?

Some thoughts on accepting visits from your local authority here.


Anonymous said...

Hello...I'm a huge natural learning/unschooling advocate and have just moved back to S-O-T and was hoping to connect up with some like minded folk as I'm currently growing my first baby and my partner and I fully intend on creating an autonomous learning environment for our family. I was a teacher overseas for seven years and am also aiming to start a Phd next year, focussing on natural learning/emergent literacy....Do you fancy hooking up or could you point me in the direction of similar minded folk around staffordshire??? My email is
Hope to hear from you!!

Maire said...

Hi Ruth are you on Facebook, I have friends on there in Staffordshire, some of them with quite young children. I could point them out if we could connect there. Also on the left of the blog is a link to AEUK a list for autonomous home educators. I am in Leicestershire so maybe too far but unless you are over this way some time.

Maire said...

Friends who home educate in Staffordshire I should have said.

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