Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Are you home educating, privately fostering, disabled, according to the Metropolitan Police Service these are potentially vulnerable situations and they will be on alert for signs of abuse!

The absence of a child from a conventional school environment where staff are routinely trained in safeguarding responsibilities can in some circumstances lead to that child being in a more vulnerable situation and at a higher risk of neglect or abuse.

Oh really, evidence please.  Have they been nobbled by the NSPCC maybe?

Guess what, they don't have any, they are going on a few high profile cases in the media, which as we know were exploited for political purposes and nothing to do with home education.  Oh and lets lump in disability and private fostering too, everybody knows children in these situations sometimes are victims of abuse don't they.  Unlike children in schools and state care, so safe they are.

As Ali says So no Equalities Impact Assessment, no proper definitions, no evidence base, no justification = prejudice. 

Nice to know our police force are so ethical. Not!

Freedom of Information Request re Metropolitan Police Child Risk Assessment Matrix.

Update from Alison at Home Education Forums. 

What Grit has to say.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Just in case you hadn't met her

I thought it worth linking to Grit, now being gritty in Hong Kong and losing none of that humorous punch!

Thanks to Elaine for the heads up on this, and on Home Ed Forums you will find updates on what is known on the current Home Ed political manoeuvring situation, what goes on behind closed doors we can only guess at but Graham Stuart occasionally updates us on his perspective here.

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