Tuesday, 29 March 2011

BADMAN review used by current government

Changes To The Pupil Registration Regulations And School Attendance Codes

Hi, please share with other home educators and groups. It appears elective home educators were not to be included in the preliminary enquiries about changes before a consultation as replies were supposed to be in by 21st March. There is a link to the original letter at the bottom of this page. Please also note that this document also refers to draft guidance for local authorities which is missing from this letter. Obviously elective home educators and groups should have been asked for comment. We also need to see the draft guidance for local authorities BEFORE a consultation so we can comment. Copied here……
From Organisedpauper.

Parents deciding to Home Educate – Graham Badman's report on his Review of Elective Home Education in England, published in June 2009, recommended that when parents are thinking of deregistering their child from school to home educate, schools should retain such pupils on roll for a period of 20 school days so that should the parents change their minds, the child could be readmitted to the school. This period would also allow for the resolution of such difficulties that may have prompted the decision to remove the child from school. This recommendation was supported by the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee Report on Home Education published in December 2009.

We propose to add a regulation so that where a parent has de-registered their child from school to home educate them, the school will retain the child on the admissions register for a period of 20 school days. To ensure that the school’s absence statistics are not affected by this we propose to change the definition of the absence code Z so that schools may use it to mark the register over the 20 day period (Code Z is currently used as an administrative tool that allows schools to put new pupils on the Admissions Register in advance of them starting at the school, rather than having the burden of putting them all on at the same time, and not have to mark them as absent in the register).



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