Monday, 24 September 2012

Response to Fifth Request for Information on Home Education form Leicestershire Elective Home Education Team.

I sent this letter to Leicestershire CC in June 2010 when they requested information from me for the fourth time, I call that monitoring funnily enough which they are not empowered to do, and I hoped I had seen the back of them.  

When I received a letter in April this year I was very tempted just to shred it but I had a lot going on so took the easier route of responding with no additional information,

Dear Ruth

Thank you for your letter of 5 4 2012 requesting information about Beth's education.  I can assure you that it is progressing well.  For our philosophy and approach please refer to previous correspondence.

Yours sincerely 


i received a thank you for this so maybe it allows them to tick a box, not sure what I will do next time, maybe send them the guidelines.


I am sending this message via email to the Senedd today, it would be lovely if others sent something like it, I do not want the welsh government to think that because the weather and the distance and just life stop some of us from being there that we are not wholeheartedly behind them giving them all our support.

We are sending this message to support the Welsh home educators braving the weather and gathering outside the Senedd today.  Although sadly we can’t be there with them we are with them in spirit.

There has never been a demonstrated need for government to interfere in home education,  in all cases where a home educated child has come to harm (very few in reality) government agencies were already involved for other reasons than education and failed to act.

As the home educators in Wales hand over the “Hands for Home Ed”  I will be sending my thoughts to support them along with many other people.

Yours sincerely

Maire Bruce and Beth Stafford.

Please share this far and wide, we are sending it to

And copy to  David Jones. Tory MP Secretary of State for Wales.

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