Sunday, 6 January 2008


My gorgeous not so new now kitchen has come at a price and as my muddled efforts at not spending last year got us precisely nowhere I now have to hone my skills.

Hence the large joints of meat below, which are supposed to save us money on the kids’ lunches. They should do even if they eat more of them because they are so much yummier, as they were bought at very reduced prices, thank you Tesco.

The pork

The beef

all wrapped up

Also I am finding mysupermarket very useful as it compares your basket of goods from your favourite (as long as it is Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda or Waitrose) supermarket to the other three so you can tell which is best value for you, then it tells you if you can buy cheaper similar goods or less fattening products. When you are satisfied that you are getting the best or least fattening basket from the best value supermarket it will send them your trolley and award you ipoints (yet to see the real point of these) as well. Ideally you then go to Martin’s Money and find a voucher code which allows you to get your shop delivered for less than you could buy it in the shop.

I am also planning to entertain myself by taking long walks and cycle rides instead of shopping, at least this is the plan. But I will allow myself a little indulgence.

I get some great finds at charity shops, especially shoes, although I am an average size five I still find unworn shoes by Clarks, Rhode and Scholl, my goal is never to have to go out and buy a pair of shoes full price. Great if I can afford it and I want to, but there is nothing more frustrating than having to. These Rhode boots are my latest find.

Rhode boots

In the same shop I found an, in its wrapper, never opened Boden linen shirt for a few pounds and an indulgence which may be peculiarly my taste, a little metal vase probably of eastern origin.

Charity shop find

On a larger scale last year I bought my car insurances and rescue through internetcashback and received 60 odd pounds back in cashback, I intend to do this with any large purchase this year after checking with a comparison site such as to make sure I get the best price.

All this talk is about spending, not spending is my real goal for 2008 and that will really be a challenge. But we have made a start by making lovely home made soup from leftover vegetables, this one by Bruce, so no recipe.

Home made vegetable soup


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I tried and the other ones and still got the cheapest price going direct to direct line. Even tesco was cheaper than anything that came up with!!

Maire said...

You have to try a few of them, and some places you have to go to direct, Martin is a great guide to that, confused got me the best quotes last year but I'll still check out quite a few this year.

amy turn sharp said...

I need to learn from you!
frugal needs to be my mid name this year :)

Maire said...

Probably should be my first name Amy, don't find it easy!

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