Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Goals resolutions aims and objectives

Last year I only achieved one of my goals and that not completely!

Goals resolutions aims and objectives
I was struggling with my health and a complete change of lifestyle from working when the kids were at school to home educating a very angry school damaged child.

This was exacerbated by the acquisition of much stuff that may well come in handy for home education but probably won’t.

And by a health system that is not in the business of helping one to wellness but of picking up the pieces when you can’t cope any more and then only if you are lucky. Much of the year was spent trying to understand the interaction between thyroid dysfunction and peri menopause and working out which medication was helping and which wasn't, mostly without the help of my GP who's mantra was the bloods are in the average range. Not to say he hasn't been very helpful in some ways but a general medical reliance on tests over and above the patients lived experience has forced me to take even more personal responsibility for my health.

My two teenage children emptying their room of all things childish and dumping them into my bedroom and the computer room didn’t help, nor did my own unwillingness to deal with this quickly and so signal the end of their childhood.

No their bedrooms are not tidy now.

Finally my eldest daughters wedding which brought on an episode of full blown Tourettes and necessitated an urgent private appointment with a neurologist and a trip through thee or four different medications to find one that helps. I was though, very fortunately fine by the day and a very magical day it was.

But since December I have adjusted my medication and started taking my Omega 3 more regularly while being more serious about exercise and I feel much more clear headed.

This year I want to achieve a lot with Beth, I laugh when I see that I put homeschooling down, this is not even a British term and is very far from what we have been doing. What we have been doing is best described as unschooling or autonomous education, but Beth’s reading has come on and she absorbs information like a sponge from the tv. She is a very visual learner. But now I think she herself would like more structure so that is what we are going to try, just a little.

I also want to continue to grow our own vegetables, and hopefully the weather will be more auspicious this year, I couldn’t have picked a worse year to start. After a lovely early spring it rained continually for months last year and we had virtually no sunshine, so I will not let my abismal failure to produce more than a few meals worth put me off and will have another try.

And almost most of all I want to become a better photographer, I studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic in my twenties, and I found the technical stuff difficult then and I still do. But I think it is even more necessary to understand it now with digital so one of my goals is to learn a lot more about how my camera works this year.

And that I think is quite enough, if not too much.


Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a good year, all things considered, despite not achieving the goals you'd written down you have laid good foundations in all sorts of ways for getting round to them when they happen [autonomy rules ok!].

I still love looking at your photos so you must be doing something right wrt the last goal :) [or maybe I'm just nosey ;) ]

Stephanie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'll add you to my reader so I remember to check in.

Maire said...

Thanks Sarah,

it turned good towards the end when I got a better idea of what to do with my medication and my energy returned. Quite a lot of the time I was really struggling with my energy levels.

Yes I think times always come around when you have to review and reasses a situation, often because of positive growth not problems, last year was a mixture of both for me I think.

I love looking at everyones pictures too, especially when you get a glimpse into their lives. However some of the absolutely fantastic photographers on Flickr have inspired me to try and increase my skills. We shall see, I will still enjoy it even if that proves too difficult.

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