Monday, 28 January 2008

Arts and crafts

We finally got round to visiting a new group we have been meaning to try for a few months. It is science and art based and I have been sure that Beth would love it, however as it is on a Monday I have not had my thinking cap on in time to get there. Today we managed it and Beth loved it.

It was a shame that I misread my TomTom and ended up at Broadmarsh car park in Nottingham before I realised that I was going in totally the wrong direction. 38 minutes later we arrived an hour late! Everytime this happens I promise myself I will look at a map as well as putting the post code into TomTom, oh well next time.

Dyspraxic moment apart it was a real success and Beth was very good about not getting to finish even one thing. The running about with light sabers while the tidying up happened went down expecially well.

Light saber

And she finished off her snowman at home.


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