Saturday, 26 September 2009

Google Bomb

Well my last post was a test to see if I could do this, based on this post below by a badman group member.
I didn't really get it right so corrections follow....

We could try google/link bombing.

Select some specific words and phrases, then make each of these into a link to favoured websites. The key is to have as many blogs etc do this as possible so that when someone searches on one of these words/phrases, our links are at the top of the search. I think it helps to press the links a lot too.

So for eg, every time you write the phrase "home education", make it link to the ahed home page like so:>home education

You need a concerted effort of a number of bloggers etc for this to have a real impact on the search engines.

Other possible examples:
when you type 'badman' be sure to link to

when you type 'ed balls' be sure to link to

when you type 'home education review' be sure to link to

when you type 'badman report' be sure to link to

There are many more examples you can use. The important thing is that people work collectively to do this. You need people using the same links to specific phrases or it wont work.


sort of but not really :D

Okay so possible changes to your post -

The phrase "DCSF Select Committee" should link to a page critical of what they are up to. Once you choose a good post for that, you need as many bloggers as possible to ALWAYS link that phrase to that same post. This way, it gets bumped up the search engine listings until every time someone searches on that phrase, your chosen link will be the top suggestion on google etc. I would recommend choosing a second such article/blogpost to link to for when people use just "DCSF". Remember similar search terms.

The phrases "Graham Badman" and "Badman" should ALWAYS be linked to

The phrase "Review of Elective Home Education" should have it's own designated link. So should "Elective Home Education", and so should "Home Education".

"Ed Balls" should ALWAYS link to

If you can think of other suggestions, make a list. Then that list should be circulated to all relevant bloggers. Each of you (Im not blogging atm Im afraid) should put up a single blog post with this list, simply like this:

DCSF Select Committee
Review of Elective Home Education
Elective Home Education
Home Education
Graham Badman
Ed Balls

etc etc, each item on the list linking to their designated blogpost/webpage. Include at the end of this list a request for supporters to repost the list on their own blogs, complete with the SAME links. Take the time to click on the links and ask your friends to do that too. Before you know it the search engines will have caught on that your links are the most popular for those phrases.

Also - in future blog posts, when you use any of those phrases, use the same links from the list. Its important to be consistent in that.

What do people think, is it worth the effort involved in synchronizing our methods?


Maire said...

Just thought, you might want to include Contactpoint on the list too, linked again to a critical post/article. Im sure you can think of other things. You can always add more to the list as time passes.

The really important thing is to consistently use the same pairing of link to phrase

and to encourage as many people as possible to do same.

Maire said...

Ive opened a new blog and ill do what i mean then link it for you because im terrible at explaining, better at doing :P

Ive opened

Should take ten minutes or so for me to do what we've suggested so far. If you have more links ideas let me know, you can email me. When its all done, anyone can copy and paste the whole thing on their own blogs, once that balls rolling all will be good :)

Anonymous said...

I've done what I meant - please feel free to copy and paste, add to, etc. Once it looks how you want it, just spread the word, encourage others to blog your final list and to use those links etc.

Im sorry im so bad at explaining things!

from me at that notcricket place

Maire said...

I think it is me really not being very good at understanding but the more ways of explaining it the better. :)

Jax said...

I think this is not such a good idea, google is very good at screening out spammy sites, and sites which consist only of links to other sites will not be treated as authoritative. You need to build real content and then from that content have links, use things like digg, facebook and so on to popularise sites and posts that you like.

I'm afraid I won't be joining in, I don't want to risk my blog in this way. New blogs won't be treated as authoritative anyway and won't therefore get much weight given to the sites they link to.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell, it isnt spam, its influencing the search engine results.

The idea is, if everyone who ever blogs the word badman always links that specific word to the badman blog, it will be top of the search engine results for badman. Thats how it works.

Michael said...

Interesting idea -

Wonder whether it would work with the phase "education" or "protest" linked to press coverage of the campaign - eg
or some other suitable site?

Jax said...

I didn't say it was spam, I said that spammy sites don't get much ranking in search engines.

New sites don't rate very highly, sites without content don't rate very highly, and while it used to be feasible to google bomb, I think google have upped the ante recently and it won't work particularly quickly or well.

Plus I prefer positive publicity for real content :)

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