Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Peterborough LAs submission to the consultation on Monitoring and Registering Elective Home Education


Thanks Jeremy.


Ruth J said...

I wrote 5000 words. The knowledge that these 8 sentences will carry about 100 times the weight is galling. Particularly as someone was paid to write those words - I wasn't. Actually, I was on holiday, at the time.

Oh, and bonus points to the idiot who scanned the pages in the wrong order!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ruth. It is seeming more and more like a stitch up.

I will never again trust a politician or a government as long as I live.

Completely disillusioned.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, the name of the person who filled out the consultation form is BLANKED OUT!

Maire said...

Me neither Danae, Ruth yes such sloppy work and they are to be judging us!

Anonymous, I am not Foiing these myself, wonder if an Foi for the name would work, we would like to know who is stabbing us in the back.

We can however be sure that Peter Traves is one of them.

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