Monday, 2 November 2009

Home Educators have the Association of Directors of Children's Services to thank for their misery

They are the  people who want to own home educating family’s lives, and probably every other family’s but they are keeping quiet about that for now.

These people would feel much better if we would just behave as pawns in their much more important lives and careers.

They are mistaken if they think that access to our homes and children would really help as it is their own incompetence that has caused them trouble, that and a consistent underfunding and lack of respect for real expertise.

Funnily enough ADCS agree with all the intrusions and assaults on our civil liberties suggested in the consultation, this is probably because they had a large hand in writing the questions.

The major players who have so far come to light seem to be

I want my knighthood and to impose my prejudices on you all Graham Badman

Cover my own back Peter Traves

Snotogram ‘two words’ Maggie Atkinson

but I am sure we have not uncovered all the dirt yet.

We could of course write to these people as part of our campaign to defend ourselves from their attacks.

This response has been compiled on behalf of ADCS by Becky Godar, ADCS Press and Policy Officer. Any queries regarding this response should be addressed in the first instance to Rob Belli, Administrative Officer, ADCS (e)

I am not religious but some sayings from the religion I was brought up in come to mind.

And why do you take note of the grain of dust in your brother's eye, ... the splinter in your brother's eye, and not notice the beam which is in your own eye?

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

Well the stone has been well and truly thrown and it would seem that it has been thrown because of the splinter in their eye and the sins on their conscience.

I used to have some sympathy with social workers, it cannot be an easy job, it must often be harrowing for people with humanity and integrity. It cannot be easy to strike the right balance at all times and it must be terrible to be vilified in the press for making a mistake especially when it costs a child their life. The Association of Directors of Children’s Services do not seem to worry about little things like truth, integrity, humanity or justice though. In their campaign to divert negative attention away from the mistakes of their members it doesn’t seem to matter to them who they slur. Well maybe that is not quite true; they probably want access to the home and the child alone of every family in the country, but they know that campaigning for that would create an outcry. So as a misunderstood minority, often verbally abused by school going families for our implied criticism of their choices, suspected of all sorts of unsavoury ulterior motives for our choice we stand as the first barrier to the takeover of all families’ lives.

We cannot afford to give in, those terrible mistakes these people make could be imported into our lives if we do, and for no good purpose. We do not know what prejudice or error on their part might put our family at risk; please do not be complacent and assume it will not happen to you.

We must fight this in every possible way, and if we cannot persuade we must just say NO!


Elaine said...

Well said ,the line in the sand will cause the tide to turn

Anonymous said...

Nonsense Elaine. A line drawn in sand is easily washed away by the smallest wave let alone the tide. We need to protect our reputation with the same vigor and tools that they use; the essential difference being that ours should be powered by the truth, not lies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the CES. Oona Stannard needs sacking. She should have been sacked a LONG time ago. I am so angry! (but sadly not surprised)
I am blogging on it now. It'll be a rant and then a fisk.
The fight goes on.

I think it's time for more letter writing.

Maire said...

I think it IS time for more letter writing.

I think that line in the sand is a metaphor for wall of strongest steel, all ideas of what to do welcome anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Write to all the law lords.

Write to all the civil rights lawyers.

Write to ADCS and tell them that they do not have responsibility for home educated children PARENTS DO.

I don't care about making local authorities' representatives' jobs easier. I would ban them from having anything to do with education myself. They cannot run schools and they are not spreading their inability to run anything into my home.

Maire said...

Thank you Anonymous, I agree they should have nothing to do with education, they show themselves again and again to be calous and uncaring, totally unfit.

Tech said...

hear hear!

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