Sunday, 5 September 2010

Anyone up for a notbacktoschool virtual bubble blowing picnic carnival?

Over at Making it up Jax suggests a celebratory blog carnival.

So many of us found the energy to join in last year’s carnival, fired up by anger and outrage at the lies being peddled by the unscrupulous.  This year the threat is fading and we breathe huge sighs of relief as we get on with our lives in a way we free at least for a while from the fear of the draconian intrusions we so successfully fought off.  

It seems that it is always that way, we are spurred to correct dangerous errors but celebrating what goes right in a public arena requires energy that is taken from our real life and so is not rashly spared.  However there is considerable consensus that in order to reduce the threat from those who see some personal advantage in interfering in our lives we need to take steps to educate the general public so that they are not so easily duped by lies and media stereotypes.  

So let’s spare some energy to share the reasons we are celebrating Not going back to school this September and let’s make this blog carnival a big one, we need to make our own positive publicity, we know what it is really like and how foolish common stereotypes are, lets extinguish them with the truth.

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