Monday, 2 July 2012

Select Committee Inquiry: Support for Home Education

Time is getting on for submitting a memorandum to the Education Select Committee's inquiry into Support for Home Education.

The deadline is noon on Monday 9 July 2012

Of course non of us are eager to engage with this process again, myself included but needs must so here are some of the resources I will be using in the hope that they may help others in the process.

I do think it is worth making the effort, I know it is a long shot but wouldn't it be nice if those pesky LAs were to offer real voluntary support instead of the coercive misinformation that is the norm at the moment.

Here are the questions:

Written submissions of evidence are invited on the following specific issues:
• the duties of local authorities with regard to home education;
• what support (financial and otherwise) is currently available for home educators, including from local authorities and other bodies;
• the quality and accessibility of that support;
• whether current arrangements for financial support are adequate;
• the support available for home-educated students’ transition to further education and higher education;
• what improvements have been made to support for home educators since the December 2009 recommendations of the Children, Schools and Families Committee; 
• what guidance is available for local authorities concerning their duties in regard to home education, and the quality of that guidance; 
• whether the Government needs to alter existing policy or arrangements concerning the support available for home educators.

I am seeing the questions about support as needing to be informed by the quality of "support" on the ground at the moment. They need to know where they are starting from, so even if you do not want any support and wouldn't touch it with a bargepole it wouldn't hurt to inform them of the sort of harassment home educators experience in the name of support from many councils on a regular basis.

So here are some links that might be useful.

Some of the worst current offenders, Doncaster, Lincolnshire, Stoke on Trent and Barking and Dagenham.

I will try and blog about this more up until the deadline.


Anonymous said...

Waste of time in my view of writng in to complain to the same old civil servants who supported Badman and his ideas on Home education

Maire said...

It may well be, there is a lot of discussion about that and a fair few very bright home edders agree with you. I am clutching at fragile straws by responding and only because Graham Stuart is involved and there is no doubt that he saw Badman for exactly the sort of person he was. Fingers firmly crossed here.

Anonymous said...

Graham one of the few i would trust but he only one i suspect the rest of them do want control over home education and will tie it up with making out there going to support home educators its those civil servants such as penny jones who are driving all this in the back ground breifing M.Ps those tend to listen to civil servants! your blog is very good
i see you annoyed that Webb to well done! its Peter dad here the chess players son!

Maire said...

I agree the others cannot be guaranteed to see it rationally, it will be interesting to read and watch the whole caboodle. I guessed it was you Peter's dad nice to see you here, hope you are all thriving.

Anonymous said...

yes we fine Peter going to college in september he had no problem geting in there where very helpful to him and said many of the students at the college who been home educated where a joy to teach! Peter also become a national master of the engish chess federation.
im going to have lots of time on my hands in September!

Anonymous said...

we are all thriving Peter goes to college in september he had no problems geting in and the college said that home eudcated that had been were a joy to teach

not sure what i do with my time in september will feel strange Peter not being here.

Maire said...

That is wonderful, lol, I would have not problem knowing what to do with my time, hope you find something satisfying to occupy you.

Maire said...

Sorry your other comment didn't appear, the blog is randomly demanding moderation on some comments and just publishing others!

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