Thursday, 31 January 2013

Who needs Ed Balls, Gill Kilner on categories of Home Educator

I am very glad to see Gill blogging again, I have learnt so much from her careful analysis over the years, I am however appalled at what has driven her to the keyboard!

It has come to my attention that, according to a well-known fellow home educator, we are all categorised as follows:
  • "Pleasantly mad but thinking and competent;
  • The Real Loonies aka two short planks;
  • The God squad (very strict religious and we barely ever talk to them or hear of them);
  • Fluffy (very autonomous but a little vague);
  • Yes sir no sir (UK homeschoolers and their ilk who do everything they are told by the LA and live in a bubble);
  • The pioneers (people like xxxxx [name deleted] who were doing it ages ago);
  • The last lot (xxxx, xxxxx, [more names deleted] etc who were us 10 years ago); and..."
You can read the rest here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and other categories the civil servants say about us but wont print it well not to us!

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