Sunday, 24 January 2016

And answers to questions and challenges - I rather think promoting "hate of a minority group" is a bit pejorative and a tad on the hysterical side."

 No it's not, not at all, have you noticed how much is in the news right now about a child let down by social services many years ago. A child about whom there is no SCR, a child whose parents have not been prosecuted

It is duplicitous, the child was not hidden, he was let down an neglected by the state. The parents were not prosecuted so it is not obvious that it was abuse, it is sad and perhaps support could have made a difference but the social work dept did not know the law around their own job. They failed a child that had been reported to them, they had every power to insist on seeing the child but they didn't bother. Nothing to do with education but everything to do with poor quality badly trained social workers. 

It is manipulation to distract from authority failings, many many

And they want to meddle in home education rather than improve the poor services that failed him. Doing so would fail him again and all children who die because of incompetent and poorly trained child protection agencies. 

It is a con to make them look like they are doing something but that something wouldn't touch on the actual problem, it would remove attention and funding from it. If you were a home educator you would know that these unwarranted attacks are constant and always with no actual evidence. 

 It is immoral and promoting wasting money direly needed by LAs like Pembrokshire to properly train their social workers or recruit people capable of learning. It is politically motivated, and promoted by agencies like the NSPCC who have been trying to get control of us for years using lies and manipulation seeing a rent seeking and mission creep reward.

All these SCRs in 2016 and the NSPCC push for registration and monitoring because of 7 over 6 years involving home education where every single one was a known child let down by government agencies just as this child was.

And they know this because they have published them all. 

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