Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The DCSF are going to Investigate us

DfES Research - Programme of Research

2010001 DCSF: Home Education - A Feasibility Study of the Educational Experience and Attainment of Home-Educated ChildrenTendered  Tendered

Expected start date 12-May-2010
Invitations to tender sent out: week-commencing - 6 March 2010

DCSF intends to commission a study to investigate the.feasibility of embarking on a longitudinal project investigating the provision of teaching and learning for, and the attainment of, home-educated children.

The overarching aim of the feasibility study will be to

- A small-scale investigation at LA-level to assess numbers of home-educated children known to them

- Research with voluntary organisations to establish number and type of children known to them

- Research with families who home educate

It is anticipated that the project will start in April 2010

DfES ObjectiveClose the gap in educational achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
Key Research Priority
DfES Project ManagerJohn Screeton

Close the gap in educational achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds 

This is particularly disgusting and disingenuous as research clearly shows that those on the lower socio economic scale benefit most from home education, unlike their peers in schools who are almost without fail let down.

Well Screeton does not have the the connotations that Badman and Balls have but I wonder who he is?  Could this be him?  There is a John Screeton on here.  He was doing this in October, so yet another schooly mindset methinks, not promising.

I do hope that the DCSF will not find a home education voluntary organisation willing to help them with this project, they have used up every ounce of good will they ever had this last 14 months and even yesterday Ed Balls was continuing to spout the completely false Khyra connection to the uninformed British public on netmums.  He knows that we know that he has known since before the Badman Review was launched that home education wasn't the issue

'But in the small minority of cases where there are concerns about the safety and welfare of a home educated child it is important that the child's welfare comes first. In the tragic case of Khyra Ishaq, it is clear that concerns about her welfare after she was home educated were not properly pursued by either the school authorities or children's services. It was following her tragic death that I asked Graham Badman to do his Review and I think his recommendations are fair and right.'

To be still smearing us in this way after being thoroughly debunked shows that he does not give a damn for our good opinion or our votes and he certainly does not deserve our cooperation in any form.

I also hope that families will not feel the need to cooperate, Danae makes the argument against, pointing out that the results will be skewed by the reluctance of most families to participate and that a fair and honest piece of research is unlikely in our experience anyway.    mum6kids of Thinking Love wonders 'how on earth do they expect home ed families to forget what has been said and done and just go along with it?!'  And Kelly points out the dangers of the wrong sort of research while promoting research after our own heart at The Art of Survival.

Well we have had enough of them, they have stolen enough of our time, I hope the need for blogging here will reduce dramatically while the desire to blog here will blossom as I return my energy to where it belongs, home educating.


Anonymous said...

I do wonder what they will do presuming they wont get much cooperation.
As I am registered I have been concerned that my details will get handed over by the LA and I'll be forced into this.
In another life I might have thought they would never dare, but that was then, this is now.

Anonymous said...

Funny that they call the Department of Chiggers, Snakes and Ferrets the DfES, isn't it?

Makes you think that they have been 'out to get us' for some time...

Maire said...

mum6kids, I don't see how they can make us but if they try then it is well and truly the time for us to band together and make a group challenge of some sort. Anonymous, it does make you think ....

Maire said...

Well done for picking that up.

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