Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Write to your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

Ian Appleby has composed an excellent letter to send to prospective parliamentary candidates in your area.

Dear $candidate

I am a home educating parent in Hebden Bridge. Whilst I am not exactly a single issue voter, the ability to ensure my children’s wellbeing and learning in the way best suited to their age, aptitude and ability is obviously of great importance to me, and will be a major factor in how I decide to vote. Can I ask where you stand on home education?
In particular, what is your opinion of the Badman Review, and Clause 26 and Schedule 1 of the Children, Schools and Families Bill now awaiting further scrutiny in the House of Lords? Do you in fact believe that new legislation in one form or another is necessary? If so, what form do you think that should take, and what are your grounds for believing so?
There is a thriving home education community in the Calder Valley, and I know many people will be interested in your reply. I intend to ask the same question to all the candidates, and I would like to make all the responses public on my blog:
I look forward to hearing from you.

Read more here.

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