Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Next Battle - Going Local

Going to talk to  Leicestershire EHE advisor tonight with a group of other he ers.  Hope I will be able to keep my cool.  One main thing I want answering is who is responsible for their policy and documents?  No point arguing with someone who actually doesn't have a say.  (Must remember to listen to myself for a change.)

We did respond to their consultation last year but I fear that very little of what we said has been taken on board.  I have been avoiding finding out for the sake of my blood pressure but needs must, so if nothing else going will make me read their documents here.  Just look at the links you have to follow to get there, You are here: Home > Education > Going to School > Elective Home Education, it makes my blood boil!  (Calm down dear, it's only an abuse and waste of hard earned taxpayers money!)

Well I am going to try and mostly listen; yes Bruce laughed too when he heard that.  I won't even have read all the documents, a lovely sunny afternoon is beckoning and I think the garden deserves some attention.  I need to see this as a long haul, I am in good company many others will now be taking this on in order to make sure we have a more level playing field for the next attack supportive consultation.   It does not help that the first thing I run into is the dratted Ever Child Matters nonsense quoted totally inappropriately, sigh.  

Will endeavour to keep this site updated with my endeavours

Would be very interested to know what others are doing and perhaps link to it here.


Firebird2110 said...

Gave up on the EHE staff in Surrey after repeated communications and meetings got us nowhere. The elected officials route has proved much more productive

Maire said...

Hi Firebird, I have my eye on that route too, especially as the feeling tonight was that the LA might not consider changing the policy for three years because it has just been published. Thinking of tonight as an information gathering event.

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