Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wow we have Won the Battle

Ok maybe we have to still keep up our guard, continue to educate people and promote home ed but I think we very much deserve to celebrate.

So lets all Engish and Welsh home educators raise our glasses tonight at nine thirty and congratulate ourselves and fellow home edders for a fantastic result.  Of course we have to thank our supporters in Scotland and Canada and elsewhere and hope they and any and all home educators will join us.  Please could you share a photo here so we can all share each others celebrations.

The first indication that all would be well came with a notification of amendments to the Children Schools and Families Bill, the second when Ed published his open letter to Michael Gove.  Then the conservatives published it and finally the DCSF themselves.

We are of course very happy that Ed isn't and I expect the other parties are delighted with this piece of propaganda on their behalf, so generous!

So cheers me dears, , the fat lady hath sungeth and the balls bill has shrunk in the wash upfor sure, oh happy day.  Tonight we celebrate.  Woo hoo! Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Happy day indeed, my dear Maire.

Savour and enjoy.


Maire said...

We will we will, as I am sure you will! Happy day.

Riaz said...

A very happy day. I knew we would win in the end. Ed Balls is looking very washed-up!

Anonymous said...

In no small part helped by the Staffordshires :-)

I raise my glass and celebrate with roast sweetmeats!

Clare M

Tavy said...

Love all your links thanks Maire! And of course thanks for everything you and Bruce have done. I'm so so relieved.

Anonymous said...!

Thanks to all. xxxxx


Maire said...

Riaz isn't he just and very sulky.

Thank you Claire, so many people have worked so hard, it is our strength. I have raised my glass a few times, missed the sweetmeats though, unless duck and hoisin sauce pancakes count, lol.

Glad the links help Conker, we are so relieved too!

Thanks to all indeed Minnie!

Grit said...

thank you maire for all your hard work. we have a breathing space for now.

Anonymous said...

Just let some HE friends know who hadn't heard. Marvellous.
And next time; we will be ready.

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