Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Annual Breastfeeding Picnic, invite your MP

Dear .....

As a constituent, I'd like to invite you to the Annual Breastfeeding Picnic, in Westminster on Monday July 19th, 2010.  This year's event is being run under the banner - Fairness, Freedom and... Equality - as mothers once more ask that the babies of England & Wales, and Northern Ireland, have the same legal protection to have a milk feed as they do in Scotland.  The previous Government have ignored the inequality faced by hungry babies in England & Wales, and Northern Ireland, for too long. The nonsense that is clause 17 of the Equalities Bill, only proves to show how little the previous Government listened to mothers on this issue.  Mothers are hoping that the coalition will see the financial sense in affording hungry babies throughout the UK, the same rights as in Scotland.  The picnic is being held in Victoria Tower Gardens, adjacent to the Palace of Westminster, from noon until 3pm.  Please come and meet mothers and babies and children, and see how needed a Breastfeeding Bill is.  If a member of the public approaches a breastfeeding baby and mother in the park whilst you are there, and demands they stop what they are doing... there is no legal protection in place to protect the baby's right to food.  Why should the baby be protected in Scotland, and not right outside the Houses of Parliament?

Looking forward to your early reply....

More details of how here.

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