Thursday, 17 May 2012

Update on Appeal - Urgent help needed

Update on this appeal here, copied below.

There has been a huge and heartwarming response to the appeal for help posted last week. 

The target was met and surpassed which is absolutely fantastic, but obviously any additional donations will still be extremely useful to help to bridge the gap while the family settles in their new country and arranges a replacement income stream. The PayPal address

Many people sent messages with their donations saying that they wished they could give more, but this appeal has shown that little amounts really do add up and each and every donation is so gratefully received by the family. 

Our friend had this to say: "It is really important that you all know how much this collective effort means to us, both in terms of a financial cushion but also the value of the moral support which really is priceless. So a huge thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to donate. Your contribution has made, and continues to make, a massive difference to my children and our family as a whole. Thank you."

Alison Preuss 
Barbara Stark
Elaine Kirk
Gill Kilner
Karen Gallant
Lisa Amphlett
Louisa Herbs
Maire Stafford
Michelle Beeny
Neil Taylor Moore
Raquel Toney
Sheila Struthers
Susanna Matthan
Techla Wood

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