Thursday, 10 May 2012

Urgent Help Needed

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A well-known member of the HE community and trusted friend needs our help. The person's family is facing a possible court order and they felt the need to leave the country very quickly in order to protect the children from unfounded interference based on home education as a risk factor.

A court order would prevent this family from being able to openly fight their corner; moving out of the country will give them breathing space and the chance of a fair and open opportunity to respond in safety to the unfounded allegations. Interim financial assistance, though not asked for by the family, would afford them a slight cushion as the initial relocation costs are fairly hefty and unforeseen as events have snowballed very quickly. The family is currently camping on a very limited budget with help from family and friends. They have long term plans.

We are looking to raise funds in the region of £1000. Any donation, no matter how small, is very gratefully received. We will post regular progress updates on the amount raised, but should we exceed our target, with full agreement from donors, we will put any additional funds to one side for ongoing relocation costs. The Paypal collection address is and one of the people listed below will transfer all funds to the family's bank account at the end of this appeal.

We would like to point out that relocation is NOT necessarily the best or only option for families in similar circumstances. However in this situation, the multiple factors were such that the family in question strongly felt it to be the best course of action to ensure the children remained safe and protected in a loving environment. Whilst discussions about where and when to go, and how to take a more proactive stance in such situations are extremely important, we would very much appreciate it if they did not hinder this family's progress.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, we will do our best to answer them without compromising the anonymity of this home educating family. We are most appreciative of the community's support in continuing to protect their identity.

Alison Preuss
Barbara Stark
Elaine Kirk
Gill Kilner
Karen Gallant
Lisa Amphlett
Louisa Herbs
Maire Stafford
Michelle Beeny
Neil Taylor Moore
Raquel Toney
Sheila Struthers
Susanna Matthan
Techla Wood

Please cross post on home ed lists and anywhere you think might elicit support.

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