Sunday, 18 October 2009

BY OCTOBER 19TH you need to have made your voice heard. Consultation on the proposals of the Badman Report

Only the bad ones of course.
I am crossposting this letter about the consultation, it gives details of where to answer it.  There are summaries of the thoughts of group members to each of the questions in the  badmanreviewgroup  files.   
Carlotta  has posted her answer here, Merry's is here, and Jax's, and here is Deb's and Sally's and Emma's.  Carlotta has added information on how the review proposals infringe UNCRC mandated right of the child.

One from the jumps. One from firebird.  A brilliantly concise one from Elaine. Here is Heyc. And Jennifer. A response from Michael.  And from Shena. And from Gill. Claire M's response is hosted here. Helen submits a group response here. Neil's, is here and here Louisa's

And Carlotta has a list here which has some I don't have.

And even one from the lovely Kelly in Canada.
My own response is here.

Bruce's is here

Beth's is here.

Ahed's response is here.

Here is Autism in mind.

The Family Education Trusts, plea for submissions to the consultation and its own submission is here.
Christian concern for our nation have some suggestions here.

Transcripts of the uncorrected oral evidence session at the DCSF Select Committee short enquiry can be found here.
please read the whole of this email as it contains important information for every home educator, information that some may not be aware of.

We are currently facing the biggest threat there has ever been to home education and everything could hinge on this current consultation which ends on this Monday 19th Oct. I cannot stress just how important it is that these proposals are defeated because they are planning much more than registration.

Hot on the heels of this consultation they intend to consult on the definition of what constitutes a suitable education. First they intend to hog tie us with compulsory registration, inspections and annual licensing to home educate and then they intend to determine the content of our home education.

Here is a link to the announcement that they are planning a consultation on suitable education.

Smaller URL

Please do fill out the consultation on home education and enourage friends and family to do so too. Even if you think the consultation has pre determined outcomes you have nothing to lose. You do not have to write a lengthy response to each question, you can answer a simple no or yes.

Here is a link to the current consultation. Please note it ends very soon.

Smaller url

Please feel free to cross post this email to other home educators and groups, but please remove my personal details/email address first. Thanks for reading

BWs Elaine


Anonymous said...

The deadline for on-line consultation responses is at a quarter to midnight on Monday, but obviously it would be best for people to get their responses in before the rush, before computer gremlins strike, etc. etc.

Thank you for posting these links Maire. It's very helpful and very much appreciated, Mike

Maire said...

Glad it is useful Mike, the numbers answering the consultation are very heartening.

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