Monday, 12 October 2009

Dishonesty or Stupidity, Leicestershire Local Authority Statistical Returns to Badman.

A local authority officer has just admitted in an email to a home educator that 

'the high percentage of children (actual number taken out as it identifies the LA) arose from all the data we have ever had and therefore that includes people that are now adults. This could have included involvements for other members of the family, referrals where the outcome was no further action etc.

The 9% includes all the children known to social care so if they are known to social care because they are disabled then yes it does include disabled children.

This information was given as clarification of the figures in Leicestershire's response to Graham Badman's  request for more data  in the second in depth questionnaire to local authorities.'


Baz said...

I think that pretty much discredits the LA statistics as a whole in one fell swoop.

I wonder if they were the only LA that made such a mistake (or if it was the interpretor of the results that made the mistake).

Maire said...

Well they lie in their literature because they want the law to be different and they were given an opportunity here to lie to help change the law. Let us hope that the select committee members are neither stupid nor duplicitous.

Kelly said...

Did I just hear Graham Badman defend his statistics, and call them "clean" in the Select Committee hearing?

Maire said...

You did, did you hear him lie about every child having a trusted adult with them.

Why oh why are they letting him fudge their questions?

And such incompetence in letting us watch it, are they trying to wipe us out by giving us heart attacks?

Kelly said...

Funny you should say that. I was just saying to my husband as we watched that I was getting so upset, and we don't even live in Britain! I could just imagine how you all were feeling. But I well remember how it felt when we were going through this in Ontario.

Maire said...

Yes I don't suppose I will ever forget this Kelly, it changes your view of the world. I only hope we are in your position in ten years time and that this evil doesn't win.

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