Sunday, 25 October 2009

Maggie Atkinson Children’s Commissioner Elect, ignorant or dishonest?

Two word Maggie showed no respect for Khyra Ishaq’s memory when she used her name as a tool to slur home educators, thus lying or showing her ignorance in front of the DCSF Select Committee. They were not deceived and rejected her as a candidate, though much good may it do us with bully boys like Balls in charge.

BabyBalls, originally uploaded by mumbomedia1.

'Who are you covering for Maggie? Is one of your mates in charge of Birmingham? Or did Ed ask you to trot out those tired lies?' asks Jax, as she pleads for journalists who will actually investigate and report news.

Carlotta after reading her evidence to the committee concludes 'Dr. Atkinson demonstrates by the above evidence that she is either ignorant of the known facts of the matters at hand, or she is quite prepared to fudge the facts in order to further her objectives. Either way, it doesn't bode well.'

'Here we are Maggie some more reading material you obviously need educating This is about the Doctor the school brought in because of their concerns over one of Khyra's brothers . Note that the children were at SCHOOL and the school did raise concerns but the agencies who could have stepped in FAILED to do so.' Elaine attempts to educate her here.

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