Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Right To Reply

This report is a  collaboration between some members of the Badmanreviewgroup handed out to MPs at the Mass Lobby of Parliament in London on Tuesday 14th October 2009

A Response to Graham Badman‟s Report to the Secretary of State on the Review of Elective Home Education in England
and reaction to the CSF Select Committee hearing
on Monday 12 October 2009
13 October

The mass lobby looked fantastic with all the kids having fun and being amazingly patient as 450 people queued to get into parliament..

I will add more as if I find it.


1-Revolution said...

Maire, the link to 'Right to Reply' doesn't work.

Maire said...

Thanks Jemmo, it's sorted now.

1-Revolution said...

Cheers, that was swift! :O

Thanks for using my one and only YouTube video!


Maire said...

You're welcome, can you give me the heads up if you see any more publicity.

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