Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dear Mr Balls No Thank You

Dear Mr Balls

No Thank You

The Rejection of the truly independent Cambridge Primary Review report shows the government's true colours and they are the muddy browny grey of overused and past its sell by date plasticine.  I do not know what you really want or where you are coming from but it is not from a place of truth, morality or honour.

Any fool can tell Badman has a prearranged agenda and home educating parents are not fools.

Our children are not sacrifices to fools.

If the Directors of Children’s Services have a problem with their job description they can get another job or negotiate with their employer but they cannot have access to my child.

Would your mother have let you be interviewed alone by a possible pervert?  CRB checks tell you nothing of future intentions or crimes as yet uncovered.

And my plans for my child's education are her business and mine but non of yours or any of your minions.  Without the startling and appalling failure of your institutions to understand twice exceptional children I would never have experienced the joy and freedom that is home education so thank you for that, but if you think i will bow to any edict of yours regarding my child's education you are very much mistaken.

I once let an LA officer into my home, he even saw my daughter briefly peeping curiously from the top of the stairs. Thanks to your attacks on us I am now crystal clear in my mind about why the LA has no right to my home, my child or any information about her education.  I as a sovereign human being do not delegate any of the responsibility to you.  It is none of your business.  Go away.

The more lies are told about us, the more we are smeared in the press, the more we are not listened to the more determined we will become.

Ed Balls to all your ideas about my children I just say NO.

Maire Stafford

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