Friday, 9 November 2007

Fun at Home

After the fiasco of Sunday I managed to buy some decent fireworks on Monday, I went for quality over quantity, a personal indulgence as I love the more spectacular fireworks.
The older two were happy as they had some control over events and took turns lighting the fireworks and running away before they took off. Having only attended large organised events before they were amusingly but reassuringly cautious about the whole affair.
Although I had intended that Beth and I should make toffee apples in the end Bruce went and got some from Tesco. If only all my plans (or even most of them) came to fruition the results would be amazing. There were no complaints however.

The display was satisfyingly dramatic and lasted longer than I had expected it would and being in my own garden made it easier for me to get decent pictures of the event.

The kids all enjoyed it and Beth said it was the best firework night ever. All in all a satisfactory outcome and one that may become a family tradition.

To add to the exitement a friend rang and asked if they could set off their firework cake (what!!) in our garden as it contained 48 fireworks and needed more space than they had.

It added a final flourish to the evening.

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