Sunday, 4 November 2007

Nowhere to go but home

The incompetence of Leicestereshire County Council once again astounds me. Yesterday I spent some time looking for the start time of the firework display at Beacon Hill, an event held every year, so not a suprise to the people at the council. It seemed easy to find, first entry on my google search but on closer inspection this was a press release for 2004. Oh well go the the County Councils web sit and search, oh dear the info on their website is about 2004 too. Look a bit closer, find a small bit of text, time undecided please email or visit web site for more information. This is Saturday the 3rd and the event is on Sunday so I wonder when they are going to decide about the time? So I email, then for good luck I visit the web site, wait a minute that is where I have just come from, we could go round in circles here. So now it's Sunday, no reply to my email. Bruce is better than me at reading websites and links etc so he looks, its at 7 O'Clock. We are trying to save money so I make hot dogs for everyone packed in silver foil in an insulated bag and Bruce makes flasks of hot chocolate and coffee. I am very pleased with us, we are efficient and Beth is excited so off we go. Get to the site and the display has just finished. What a pity the person responsible for publicity for the event wasn't available to share my feelings with. I had set my camera to iso 1800 to photograph the fireworks to share here but I am afraid the crossroads on the way home will have to do.

And the reflection through the window as I went back on the computer to try and find out what had gone wrong. It seemed that Bruce had been deceived by the 2004 press release, but 10 minutes searching could not find the time of this years event, this new fangled internet and web site stuff, must be beyond them! Beth was of course very dissapointed but we will buy some fireworks tomorrow (hope we can get some), make our own toffee apples and have our own bonfire night. But doesn't it just make you want to spit or blow someone up.

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