Sunday, 14 June 2009

The consequences of choosing to take full responsibility for your childs education yourself

"We will revise that statutory guidance later in the year to make it absolutely clear that if at any point the parents refuse to allow the child to be seen alone, the local authority has powers under that Act to apply for an emergency protection order to require parents to comply with any request to produce the child. The Act authorises the removal of a child in those circumstances if necessary."

Ed Balls, House of Commons, 5th May 2009, col. 76
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Found by Elaine, forever vigilant on our behalfs. (Is that English?)

Disproportionate or what? This is what is coming next for all you stay at home mums with small children and all families during the summer holidays if you don't wake up and smell the coffee.

What if your child is dyslexic, the author of the report that would mean that this recommendation can be applied to home educators believes that given a suitable education all children should be reading autonomously at 8.

And if your children have special needs, especially if they are on the autistic spectrum, their behaviours and idiosyncrasies can look very like the government indicators of child abuse.

inappropriate dress, poor hygiene
Inadequate nutrition
Speech disorders
Habit disorder (sucking, rocking, biting)
Antisocial, destructive
Neurotic traits (sleep disorders, inhibition of play)
Passive and aggressive - behavioral extremes
Delinquent behavior (especially adolescents)
Developmentally delayed

Write to you MP now, make it clear that the government must not be allowed to invade our homes without reasonable suspicion of harm being done.

Defend the freedom to privacy in the home where there is no suspicion of crime and the notion that we are all innocent until proven guilty.

Give the government this power and you cannot control what it will be used for next.


Anonymous said...

I hope its ok - I'd like to link to this post

A. xx

Maire said...

It certainly is, I think we need to go viral.

Anonymous said...

im a staffordshire parent and have evidence social services are corrup email me on we should all stick together

Renegade Parent said...

Maire, this is just awful. Looking at the list of abuse "indicators" I can see some that would apply to many sensitive or high need children, my own daughter included.

She's 19 months old and has always had an intense need to suck for comfort - extended breastfeeding for us has been a necessity, not a philosophical belief. Ditto with co-sleeping - until recently she was waking every hour at night.

You can only imagine what certain experts think about these things and our choices, which is precisely why we ignore them. We can see her taking steps towards independence at *her* pace, not some pace determined by a HV etc.

It's been on my mind for a while, but it's v pertinent now. I'll address it this week I think. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for expanding on this, Maire - I just couldn't find the words or the energy this morning and perhaps just putting the quote up with no explanation was a bad move, I don't know - but you've brought out exactly why, even though the quote isn't speaking about HE specifically, it is a very real threat to us, especially in light of the the language used in Badman's report.

Maire said...

Will look forward to your take on this, Renegade.

Debs, I am glad you don't mind that i took it, thank you very much for putting it up and all the mind numbing research it must have taken to find it.

Renegade is now going to take it one step further, and on an on it can go.

We are making links.

Anonymous said...

No mind-numbing research involved at all - someone posted it on Facebook and I got it from there! :)

Tech said...

It was Elaine who found it, she is a gem at search and find, and more often that not she is just ignored. Glad to see this has happened this time :)

Maire said...

Thanks Cosmic, I will change the blog to acknowledge Elaine. Shame she doesn't have a blog but where would she find the time!

Maire said...

Staffordshire parent have you consedered writing your experience up and blogging it, or asking one of the many bloggers on this subject to blog it.

I would be very interested to hear your story.

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