Thursday, 11 June 2009

We are to be the Sacrifice

The BAD MAN report opens with this quote.

"The need to choose, to sacrifice
some ultimate values to others,
turns out to be a permanent
characteristic of the human


Says it all really.

Link to the review
and Ed Balls response

Now off to read the grizzly detail.


Anonymous said...

No, love, our children are to be the sacrifice.


Maire said...

I thought that too Diane but believe me when my children experience sacrifice so do i and that is not just through empathy. Joking aside it is ludicrous to suggest sacrificing children to stop child abuse, but about his level of intellectual rigour it seems.

Anonymous said...

That quote was well placed in the report as our families get sacrificed to the Ball'n'Brown power kick

Maire said...

A not very coded message to us all i feel.

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